Big Kids Program

Girls Gymnastics Class

Girls, Age 5 1/2 - 10

Duration: 45 min.

This is girls only, gymnastics class that introduces basic gymnastics techniques to the children in our community. The structure of the class is different than the other classes that we offer, considering the age group.

Boys Ninja Warrior Class

Boys, Age 5 1/2 to 10

Duration: 45 min.

This is boys only, gymnastics based, all sports preparation class, inspired by the TV Show - American Ninja Warrior. The class offers training that is focused on improving Strength, Flexibility, Speed, Agility, Coordination and much more! No matter what sport your boy is doing or will be doing, this class will help! 

Tumbling class

Girls and Boys, Age 5 1/2 to 10

Duration: 45min.

This is boys and girls class, designed to teach the fundamentals of Tumbling. If your child is involved in Cheerleading, Parkour, Gymnastics, Figure Skating, Diving or any other acrobatic or extreme sports, this class would be your best choice for extra cross training! Tumbling is all the gymnastics skills, performed on the floor.

Girls Advanced Class

This is a class for girls that have mastered most of the gymnastics fundamentals and are ready for more challenging skills. With the small class size and the opportunity of getting a lot of personal attention, this class will challenge anyone. It is a great alternative of the big, crowded gym, where your child never gets to work with the top coaches!