Gym Classes Resume June 1st!!!

Reopening Protocol

     Safety and well being of our customers, students, staff and anyone involved with Gymnastics Palace has always been and still is our number one priority! As we prepare to reopen our facility, here are the new safety rules that we are implementing: 

     Keep in mind, our facility is practically outside, so there is no sharing air with other people in a confined space. We believe that makes a BIG difference versus other, traditional gymnastics facilities! 

     Another BIG one is that we always had and will have only one class at a time! 

Not to mention the BIG advantage that all the students are coached personally by the Owner, who is 2 Time Olympic Gymnast with over 23 years of Coaching Experience! 

     The side door on our side of the facility will be open for us and only us, in order to avoid any possibility of contact with other facility users. 

     We request that all students be in their cars, ready to enter the facility 5 minutes prior their class starts. 

     Parents and/or any other spectators will not be allowed in the gym at any time.  If you need to talk to your coach, please call at a time when we don’t have a class. You can also text or email and be patient as we will probably be very busy in the beginning of this new normal. 

     Every class will be broadcasted in real time through Zoom from several different angles, so parents that want to watch and listen to anything that is happening, can do safely from their car, home or anywhere they might be.  

     As always, our classes will be 45 min long and we will at least have 15 min. in between to clean and disinfect everything and welcome the next class.  

    All students and staff will have their temperature checked with a contactless thermometer and hands sanitized upon entering the facility.  Anyone with a temperature about 100.4 will not be allowed to enter. 

     If your child is sick, please keep her/him home. We will do the same for our self and staff if any. 

     Masks/Face coverings will be required by all staff and coaches, while in the facility.  

     Students must have a mask/face covering to enter and leave the facility.  

     Students will be allowed to take Masks/Face coverings off during class, but they need to put them back on, when using the restrooms. 

     After entering the facilities one by one, the student will go to his/hers designated station with all of his/her belongings. That station will be the ONLY place that the student will be using for the ENTIRE class. The stations are spread out through the gym to maintain the social distancing requirement of at least 6 feet. Floor markers will be set, with clear boundaries. 

     We have invented a new program that will allow every child to work on every station, but not on the same day. For example, if your child gets the balance beam station, she will do only balance beam, all by herself for that day. Next class she takes, she will be doing another station. 

     Water fountain will be closed, so every student must bring his/her own water bottle. 

If a student is missing a mask or water, Gymnastics Palace will provide one and charge it to your card on file. Face mask - $2. Water - $1. 

     Every class will have Maximum of 5 students to allow plenty of space for social distancing. After some time, when we know that we are ready for more, that number will gradually change. You will be notified in advance. 

     Due to social distancing guidelines, physical spotting will be very limited.  While our goal is to maintain social distancing between students and coaches, there are times where spotting or incidental contact is necessary to keep our students safe and prevent injury. 

     The whole gym will be thoroughly disinfected and cleaned before and after each class. 

     At the end of class, after sanitizing hands, students will promptly exit one by one onto the same place they entered. Parents are required to wait in front, inside their car at the time that class ends. Please have a sign with your child’s name, visible from the gym door, so we know who is ready for pick up. 

     We need to make sure the students leave on time, so we can disinfect and welcome the next class, so if you are more than 5 minutes late for pick up, you will be charged $5 fee as we have to make special arrangements for your child. 

     Team schedule will be the same as always, with the same limit of 5 gymnasts at a time. That way we have enough space even if we need to switch areas (if necessary), we can disinfect it between users and still maintain social distance. 

     If you are not ready to send your athlete to the gym, we will still have online options for you. You can also combine both online and gym training if necessary or if you need more. 

     Please, understand that these rules are subject to change in order to keep up with any government and health guidelines and also to improve safety and efficiency in the gym.        Please keep an eye on your email for any updates. 

     Also, please follow us on social media to make sure you are not missing anything. Instagram: @gymnasticspalaceusa, Facebook: Gymnastics Palace LLC. 

     Looking forward to seeing your athletes back in the gym! It will be even better than before! 


Gymnastics Palace Management 

About Us


Olympian Coach


    Gymnastics Palace is a Gymnastics Center, located in West Pembroke Pines, Florida, Owned and Operated by a Former 2 Time Gymnastics Olympian – Deyan Yordanov. 

    Coach Deyan personally teaches ALL the kids and adults, enrolled in All the Classes! 

    Gymnastics Palace is the only gym, where an Olympian Coach works with Everyone!

    Coach Deyan was a member of the Bulgarian Mens Gymnastics Olympic Team in Athlanta'96 and Sydney'2000 Olympic Games. 

    Coach Deyan is also one of the few World Class Gymnasts recognized by the International Gymnastics Federation - FIG.

    Coach Deyan has over 20 years of coaching experience, working with a wide variety of people and programs – from toddlers to elite athletes, boys and girls in Gymnastics, Trampoline and Tumbling. 

    Coach Deyan has been a Professional Member and Safety Certified by USA Gymnastics since the year of 2000. 

    How many Olympians have you met?

Visit Gymnastics Palace and meet one today!!


What is GymFit?

    GymFit is a Gymnastics Fitness Program.

    It is a Fitness Program for the Competitive Gymnast, created by a former 2 Time Olympic Gymnast and current Gymnastics Coach, Gym Owner, Ninja Athlete and Crossfit Enthusiast.


   In this quarantine time, all the gymnastics facilities are closed and all the gymnasts are staying home and getting out of shape fast. If they want to be back to competing soon, they need to workout. It’s always a good idea to stay fit, especially if you want to be a competitive gymnast. 

Being strong will give the gymnast the ability to perform harder skills as well as prevent injuries. 

    Another big, important part of GymFit is the Community. Working out is not easy and it is even harder if you do it alone. There is a big chance that you loose motivation and / or get bored as you keep trying to do it by your self. 

That is why we Get Together and do GymFit on Zoom as a team! 

Working out hard and getting stronger is much easier that way and it is FUN.

    Every workout is a little friendly contest as we keep track on scores and compare with the other athletes for that day. The results are archived, so an athlete can go back and track progress. 

We are all competitors, so this is another motivational tool to push us along the way!

    With the GymFit program, our goal is not only to stay fit, but also to even come out Stronger!

    GymFit- Gymnasts, Get Stronger, Together!

  • Free trial available.
  • Every workout is 1 hour.
  • Home gymnastics and fitness equipment is recommended, but not required.
  • Every workout - different workout!
  • Every exercise could be scaled down to the gymnast’s abilities and equipment available. Safety First!
  • Any current and former level Team and Pre-Team Gymnast is welcome!

    Membership includes:

  • Workout with the team through Zoom,
  • Workout posted 2 days ahead,
  • Results and performance tracking app.
  • Access to our Group Chat on WhatsApp.

    Current Weekly prices:

1st class - Free

1 class $10

2 classes $9 each

3 classes $8 each

4 classes $7 each

Current Times: 

Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday at 1pm EST.

Click on the picture for a quick registration and free trial workout

GymFit Gymnastics Fitness.
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Live Online Gymnastics Classes!


Live Online Gymnastics Classes Info

We, at Gymnastics Palace are proud and super excited to offer Live Online Gymnastics Classes!

We are the first in the World to do that!

With the Coronavirus Pandemic, all physical gyms are closed All Over the World (including ours). Kids and adults still need to be able to do their favorite sport of Gymnastics and stay healthy. 

We found the solution!!

These are not just recorded videos, when you watch by yourself! 

These are actual Live Instructional Classes, with the Coach interacting directly with the students, giving corrections, insuring safety while doing gymnastics at home!

We currently accept students of All ages for the following classes:

· Recreational Gymnastics: Ages 5-18 Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

· Team Athletes within the USAG Level 1 and 2, Xcel Bronze and Pre-Team.

· Recreational Trampoline (trampoline required)

· Tumbling (for Cheerleaders, Gymnasts, Parkour, Martial arts, etc.)

Enroll for a trial class and give us a chance to show you how great it works!

We have already done many of these Live Online Classes with our existing customers and it has been very exciting experience!