Preschool Age Class

Preschool Gymnastics Class at Gymnastics Palace. Boys and Girls 3-5 years old.

Girls and Boys, Age 3 - 5

Duration: 45 min.

As an introduction to gymnastics, Gymnastics Palace offers a preschool age gymnastics classes with a clear emphasis on Gymnastics! The program is designed to encourage whole body exercise, including development in strength, flexibility, and coordination. Classes are structured, but not rigid so that children can channel their physical energy, while learning to socialize with other students in a safe, positive and fun environment.

Girls Beginner Class

Girls Beginner Class at Gymnastics Palace. Medals. Uneven Bars, Floor, Vault, Balance Beam.

Girls, Age 5  - 10

Duration: 45 min.

This is our most popular class! It is girls only, gymnastics recreational class that introduces basic gymnastics techniques to the children in our community. The focus is on fundamental skills on Vault, Bars, Beam and Floor.

Ninja Class

Ninja class at Gymnastics Palace.
Ninja warrior. 
American Ninja Warrior Junior

Boys and Girls, Age 5 - 10

Duration: 45 min.

Ninja Class is a gymnastics based, all sports preparation class, inspired by the TV Show - American Ninja Warrior. The class offers training, that is focused on improving Strength, Flexibility, Speed, Agility, Coordination and much more! Boys and Girls Ages 5 to 10 are welcome! No matter what sport your child is doing or will be doing, this class will help!

Girls Intermediate and Advanced Classes

Girls Intermediate and Advanced Class at Gymnastics Palace. Back Handspring, step out.


Girls, Age 5 - 10

Duration: 45 min 

These are classes for girls that have mastered most of the gymnastics fundamentals and are ready for more challenging skills. Coach Deyan will let you know when your child is ready to move up to one of these classes. With the small class size and the opportunity of getting a lot of personal attention, this class will challenge anyone. It is a great alternative of the big, crowded gym, where your child never gets to work with the top coaches!

Big Kids Gymnastics / Fitness

Big Kids Fitness Gymnastics Class at Gymnastics Palace. Uneven Bars. Teens. Ninja.


Girls and Boys, Age 9 - 18

Duration: 45 min 

This is a gymnastics class for the older kids. We understand that a 10 year old does not feel comfortable, taking a class with the 5 year old kids. The goal is to  increase the participant's overall fitness, using gymnastics and Ninja techniques in a fun structured class. Beginners and Advenced athletes are welcome! This class is an excellent cross training tool for other sports!

Adult Gymnastics / Fitness

Adult Gymnaics Fitness class with Olympic gymnast - coach Deyan Yordanov Gymnastics Palace

Men and Women, Age 18+

Duration 45 min.

This class is a lot of fun and a great excersice! All levels are welcome!

Gymnastics parents get the chance to experience the challenge and the trill that their kids are getting!

CrossFit enthusiasts get to improve their bodyweight movements!!

It is a great alternative to the boring local gym!

We have developed a program that is always challenging, safe and exciting for every age and level of Gymnastics and Fitness.

Private Lessons

Private Lessons

Private lessons with coach Deyan at Gymnastics Palace. Double back tuck flip on floor with spot.

Private lessons are the best and fastest way to get the skills that you need! It is personal traing 1 on 1 with our 2 Time Gymnastics Olympian Coach Deyan Yordanov! No matter what level of experience or what crazy skill might be your goal - if it is gymnastics related, Private lessons will help! Coach Deyan has over 22 years of coaching experience and he always finds a way to improve his athlete's skills. He is currently ranked #1 in the USA on with over 460 private sessions completed just through the website! Coach Deyan has successfully worked with Gymnasts, Trampolinists, Divers, Wakeboarders, Martial Artists, Dancers, Parkour athletes, CrossFit athletes, Ice Skaters and others people, looking to improve their fitness! Boys, Girls, Preschoolers to Adults, Beginners to Elites are Welcome!